Welcome to the Nursery Ornamental Plants

Our school was founded in 2012. We are located 6 km from the center of Suwalki. So we are a young company that is forming your profile and volume of production . Cultivation takes place in containers - kontenerowni area is 1 ha. We produce decorative bushes and trees , both coniferous and deciduous like .

Youth for further production is purchased from reputable Polish manufacturers. Species and varieties are selected especially for high frost resistance . We care about the quality and health of our plants.

We have the appropriate technical background and knowledge to get the best quality products. In the coming years, we intend to expand the number of species and varieties offered and the volume of production, always bearing in mind the specific nature of our climate.

As time passes, we will have a more splendid plants in containers of 10-20 liters and larger.

Welcome to cooperate with shops and garden centers, the company arranging gardens , companies and public institutions related to the green.

At the nursery operates a retail outlet - welcome plant lovers and all those who want to beautify their surroundings with plants - here you will find professional service, which will provide valuable tips on selecting and caring for plants .

Renata Barwicka

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